Our People


MNegreteMatias Negrete-Pincetic
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. & M.Sc. (Illinois Urbana-Champaign), M.Sc. & Eng. (PUC)

  • Impacts of Uncertainty, Volatility, and New Technologies on the Operation and Planning of Power Systems.
  • Electricity Markets and New Technologies.
  • Smartgrids.
  • Distributed Generation.
  • Operation and Control of Energy Storage Systems in Distribution Systems.



Daniel Olivares Quero
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (UWaterloo), Eng. (UChile)

  • Microgrids and Smartgrid.
  • Power System Dynamics.
  • Power System Operation and Planning.
  • Demand Response.
  • Integration of Renewable Energies in Power Systems.
  • Control of FACTS and HVDC.



Javier Pereda Torres
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., M.Sc. & Eng. (PUC)

  • Electric Machines.
  • Power Electronics.
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles.
  • Renewable Energies.
  • Hybrid Energy Storage Systems.
  • HVDC and FACTS.


SRiosSebasti√°n Rios Marcuello
Ph.D. (Manchester), M.Sc. (Heriot-Watt), Eng. (UChile)

  • Power System Dynamics.
  • Power System Planning and Operation.
  • Power Quality Assessment in Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Consumers.
  • Power Quality Measurements.
  • Control of HVDC and FACTS


DWattsDavid Watts Casimis
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. & M.Sc. (Wisconsin-Madison), M.Sc. & Eng. (PUC)

  • Electricity Markets and Economy of Natural Resources.
  • Power Systems Operation, Planning and Regulation.
  • Cascading Failures in Power Systems.
  • FACTS and Wind Power Integration.
  • Energy Policy


JDixon Juan Dixon Rojas
Emeritus Professor
Ph.D. & M.Sc. (McGill), Eng. (UChile)

  • Electronic Control of Electric Machines.
  • Static VAr Compensation and Active Filters.
  • Low-Harmonics Rectifiers.
  • Electric Traction.
  • Electric Vehicles.
  • Multi-level and Multi-stage Converters.



Hugh Rudnick Van De Wyngard
Emeritus Professor
Ph.D. & M.Sc. (Manchester), Eng. (UChile)

  • Electricity Markets.
  • Energy Policy.
  • Energy Economics and Regulation.
  • Power Systems Operation and Planning.
  • Economic Integration of Renewable Energies.



Carlos Barria Quezada (PhD)

Rodrigo Briones Vizuete (PhD)

Rodrigo Marambio Granic (PhD)

Felipe Bastidas Lillo (MSc)

Sebastian Espinoza Lara (MSc)

Rodrigo Henriquez Auba (MSc)

Cristobal Sarquis Giacaman (MSc)

George Wenzel (MSc)

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