PSimagePower Systems

This area is concerned with the reliable and economic operation of power systems, and the specific research topics include: Technical and economic aspects of the integration of renewable energies, smartgrid, microgrids, generation and transmission planning under uncertainty, demand side management, reactive power control, power system stability, applied optimization, and advanced control of FACTS and HVDC.

ECimageEnergy Conversion

Activities in this area include: power electronics design and applications, machine drives, new energy storage systems integration and management, high performance control, and multi-objective optimization in the following applications: Electric and hybrid vehicles, renewable energy, high power and voltage machines, energy transmission, power quality, and active filters.

EMimageElectricity Markets and Regulation

Power sector deregulation and electricity market issues are addressed in this area, including: Regulatory aspects of the integration of renewable energies, energy market design, supply contracts, congestion management, active and reactive power pricing, ancillary services, and energy policy.

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